Full Of Dark Beauty

I would give you everything

And everything you took

Replace the blood in my veins with sugar and glitter

My eyes with beads and pearls

My pretty pastel

Such a girl with a black mind full of bright colours

I’m thinking you’re from a dark place

But your dress is so pretty made of tough silk and choking thread

Such a girl with sad thoughts in her head

Not paying the sun any thought as you know it will rise tomorrow

But if it didn’t I don’t think you’d notice with your dark shades always on

You’d wear the moon as a pendent but I don’t think it’d be pretty enough

The sun as a sparkle in your eye but I don’t think it’d be bright enough

Time could never age you as your voice is still sickly sweet

Too many bird songs have reached your ears

Your heart is never hollow just too full of blood to bother with anything else

My pretty pastel

cough cough not sure if I already posted this so sorry if I have


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