Body Issues

You should leave me babe
Or punch me without a kiss
Leave me bloody and bruised
I’m only really here to be used babe
Seconds before midnight
Turning down empty roads of pain
Sore muscles and cutting edges
Bones stretching the skin too far
I’ll apologize to my body for all the destruction I’ve brought
With little knives and fingernails
After all so much happens when I’m away
Flower kisses and wedding rings
Hallcinations happen all the time now babe
But it’s something I’ve forgotten
I don’t miss all the curves and twists
All the ways you’d slip away like body heat from empty sheets
But I do miss your call voice in my ear
Directing me with a correction every now and then
Sadly you’re not something physical
Or something I can hug
Life would be so much easier
If you were something I could touch

(inspired by Spilled Ink and Tea Stains [real sorry if I got yet name wrong])



Book shelves, telephone wires

Stretching so far it hurts

Monsters in the dark 

Separating the light of day from all the simple “okay”s

Endless earbuds and music noises

Guitar strings, drumsticks

Ice cream and your smile

Pretty girls and ‘tranny’ jokes

Breezes cutting flesh with warm air and rain making coloured paint streaks

Make up tears up 

Mascara and eyeliner

Lipstick and cigarettes

Drink yourself to death but laugh yourself out of breath

Missing air from space kisses

Pastel aliens with pretty markers

Delicate flowers, bruised knuckles

Metalheads and music 

Punk rock and studs

Your so pretty in comparison



Strange land masses glow at me in the dark. But I pay it no mind. Pens and pencils skitter away from my reaching hands. But I pay it no mind. I’m a stupid kid in this empty world. Somewhere between a man and a boy and yet rejecting both in favour of neither.  



Those little leadless things

I’m drawing headless things. Fucking dead chickens.

Stupid things I smile at. Pretty things I adore. But it’s all things you like I pretend are in my core. 

Hair that shifts colours and sleepless nights alone. Remembered things forgotten, score kept to even.

You’re so far away but with a message I’m beside you. Though words and explained thoughts have always fucked me up. I’m not much good with this texting thing. Simple things I can count, though my numbers blur with letters and the hidden shapes I’ve made. I count down the seconds to the days until we meet.

My broken ribs are in pain. But I pay it no mind. 

I haven’t been around much but I like to think it isn’t my fault.

Annoying things annoy me. In case you didn’t know

I’m a mix of stupid contradictions and hypocritical thoughts. A broken clock that keeps on ticking. 

A person of words yet without feelings or empathy.

Your pain is my pain so kill yourself if you dare.

I’ll end my days in salt water and mystery.

I’ll pretend I’m not empty and continue to smile even though you no longer stare.



Ocean’s depths of peril in your eyes

Curling storm clouds mark the skies

A paintbrushes smooth ink writes in passing as you go

Letter by letter, calm and slow

So I’ll say goodbye to you as you have to me

Give a wave at the parting of the sea

Salt water can mar my cheeks with every splash 

My skin can bruise in halfmoons from the winds slash

The ocean floor is not deep enough for the depths of my dispair

As you seem to smile at me without a care

Whatever though I know you’re happy there away from me

Though I love you if you’d only see



Who would rather end it with you

I’ll say goodbye

It’s the end of the world

Looking up at the sky 

It’s the closing of our forever

It’s not your fault

But if it is

I thank you for always smiling at me

I’ll say goodbye

It’s the end of the world

But if it’s not that’s okay too

I don’t blame you

Don’t worry I trust you

It’s the end of the world

But I’m with you

So it’s nothing new

But I’ll keep smiling at you

No matter how much I cry

I’ll look up at the sky

I’ll say goodbye

It’s not your fault

But if it is

I still love you

You’d never betray me

Or lead me a stray

It’s just the end of the world

Even if the sun dies today

There’s always a morning after


To something long gone

It’s only a matter of time

With a couple seconds to go

With your lovely face to pass me by

A pretty picture painted with snow

Wouldn’t miss me if I left

I’m homeless but for where I sleep

Home is where the heart is but mine’s shattered to bits

My love is something fragile and weak

My love can wash away 

Ocean waves and missed sunshine

Oil paint trying to dry in a day


Trying to hold on

If you could just listen to me for once

Baby I love you don’t think straight

I’m not mad at your sad tears

I’m just worried you’re not here

C’mon think it through!

Think it through…

I don’t wanna be left alone

And I know you’re not something to own

But for just once…

I wanna say you’re mine

Even as you slip through

Dancing, smiling, caving in

Laughing as you fade away

Is this why they call it fate

Why is it that you’re gone

I suddenly don’t miss you?