Full Of Dark Beauty

I would give you everything

And everything you took

Replace the blood in my veins with sugar and glitter

My eyes with beads and pearls

My pretty pastel

Such a girl with a black mind full of bright colours

I’m thinking you’re from a dark place

But your dress is so pretty made of tough silk and choking thread

Such a girl with sad thoughts in her head

Not paying the sun any thought as you know it will rise tomorrow

But if it didn’t I don’t think you’d notice with your dark shades always on

You’d wear the moon as a pendent but I don’t think it’d be pretty enough

The sun as a sparkle in your eye but I don’t think it’d be bright enough

Time could never age you as your voice is still sickly sweet

Too many bird songs have reached your ears

Your heart is never hollow just too full of blood to bother with anything else

My pretty pastel

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Of Graves Too Deep

What does the world look like from so far away?

How deep is this hole you’ve dug?

Sometimes I blink my eyes at the sky and pretend I’m looking at you.

Hope my tears one day dry.

She was so gorgeous with her name on her headstone. Announcing her presence to all that look upon her.

Angels took her so far away, I just wish I could hold her again.

But she’s gone now, like melted snow.

She had beauty in her eyes and beauty in her soul.

No thought ever crossed her mind of returning to me.

But I still remember her love like a blanket remembers a scent.

My heart keeps beating past all my thoughts of joining you.

So deep in your grave, I only know of missing you.

An angel with wings so hidden and deep. Yet you’d never fly back to me.

My life is wasted without you in it.

Breatheing is so difficult without you breatheing beside me.

Music has become lost without you listening to it with me.

Sight has become dull without you looking at me.

Time can no longer twist me worse that I am.

Oh, how I wish I was dreaming only to wake and find you in my arms.


Wishful Thinking

You almost make me wish I was a star

A thousand miles away yet burning bright

And just within your sight

Maybe you’d grace me with a thought or a wish

Right now you only grace me with a punch or a kiss

But I’m not sure I could deal with being so far

But every night as I lay beaten with a new scar

I just wish to be your star



Trees stand sadly on the horizon and the rain falls on the vertical side

A monster sits beside me, tracing it’s finger down my back

Waiting to be murdered silently a baby cries in it’s sleep

Sometimes I wonder if things go differently on the other side of town

I’m not a pencil or awake

A pen or a coiled snake

I’m on the flip side just flip side down

On the straight side just straight side right

I’m a computer that doesn’t calculate

A door that doesn’t open

A key without a lock

I’m just a switch that’s never flicked and a button that’s never pushed

But I don’t really care anymore, I’m just useless

I’m sorry I exist and breathe at all

I guess I just wasn’t meant to be

But then why am I the only one who see’s.


A thousand miles to hunt me by and a hundred more to go

I’m running step by step in this invisible waist deep snow

I ignore every creak and defining crack

That’s born from my broken back

My lungs burn and chest hurts with flaming pain

 But I don’t bother with it as my skin bruises from the rain

It’s my own fault, I know

Needle of righteous pain, is sown

Help me but don’t bother

Save me but don’t worry

I’m sorry I sometimes spoke

My friends and family

So stretched and far away

Gone are miles and metres as our time is separate by a day

But I walk on to reach an endless goal

So far and gone but I tredge on and on and on


i write my words

The pencil digs under my nails, ripping them from my skin.

I am declawed painfully as my fingers are sawed away from my hands.

I suppose this means no more talking for me. 

It seems we’ll just play charades forever now.

My tongue was removed long ago and my throat rubbed raw from pain.

Scooped out of my mouth like a clam out of it’s shell.

But it’s okay.


I’m okay.