Felt it

Over our busted back and heatless sheets we hear the sound of crying

It’s nothing really


I’m just slowly dying as the world turns slowly

I’m gone soon

It’s nothing pretty with pitless eyes and sucked in lips

I can almost taste the Shadows they bathe in

Pretty pastel girl

With her Lolita shades and sunshine hair

I’m not a handsome man or a youthful soul but I am but a tricky snake

Taste my Shakespeareion tongue

Can you taste the sweat at the back of my throat?

I can




Kissing the unknown

Kissing strangers pretending I’m kissing you

But chapped lips aren’t my style

I wipe lipstick off my lips with my hand

She’s pretty when she smiles

I’m pretty when I cry

We’re alright

Her cut throat smile

It’s all about her lips

The way they curve and pry

Sway and glide


I’m as honest as you babe

Not as savage

Leaving claw marks and half moons

Blood spreading quick

Kissing them so I can kiss you

You’re everyone, you’re everywhere

Just a little deeper

Biting to reach you

Kissing you by kissing them


Telling her body

She was pretty with her paper cut tears. They fell down her cheeks like oil. The reaching hands reached for her. Picking up her pen to write again. Sadly, her words have left me scars.

I’m still trying to reach her but she never stumbles close.

Her skin is lava, her veins like stone. Her blood never carries my tattoo tongue very far.

But I keep trying to keep up. I can’t run very far. Too much empty space.

Pastel shades mixed with her badass attitude.

Her pierced ears and my pierced eyes go together in this punk scene. Too much pretty on her painted nails.

I try to paint her body but it always shows up blurred so I draw on the canvas.

I’m fine with it. Her tattoos tell my story while I just get her name done in different fonts.

I think I miss her too much but I’m fine with it. She’s too pretty for me anyway while my heart gets in her way.

I end my letters with I love you.

She doesn’t reply.

I love you.

It’s overused.



Walking through these hourless halls and stupid timelines I wonder how you feel. Do you still smile the same smile and cry the same flavourless tears.

Are you still full of summer flowers and dew drop grass.

You’re so pretty.

Do you still want to breath or are you no longer living.

Are you walking the path many have wandered on or have you carved your own name in the stone.

Baby never turn back from your future.

Hold out your arms and catch the sunlight for me.

I’m expecting you.

Whisked away by dinner plans and far away thoughts you no longer meet my eyes.

She’s so pretty as she walks away.

That there was a girl I could cry over and daydream about.

She filled my head with oxygen.

Loved her so bad I couldn’t breath.

The air poisoned me.

But her smile was nice.

Walk away, dear.

I don’t want my fictional death to stain your perfect teeth.


solo years

It was such a lonely road

Over whispering hills and crying seas

Mascara stains her cheeks in rivers

Her skin but a cracked canvas

Her veins full of poison


I still love her though, as if I ever couldn’t

My immortal bain

I’m a reminder of her immortal pain

Sad stories and songs

Cliche guitar solos

Her greying hair and wrinkled cheeks

I doubt the world will age us

An hour can pass in a year

A day in a week

And a minute in a decade

I’m not her child any longer

But I’m still tethered to this forgotten planet

A sphinx trying to leave

I speak in tongues with my hands and unmoving lips

I’m left without her kisses

All those old story books never recounted a love story like ours

As wretched as ours

But it’s alright my love can be your party bonfire as I burn and burn and burn

  – S.F.403

boys like girls

She’s such a beauty with her too short hair and misshapen nose

All the same as those magazine girls or the baddies on instagram

Her text message phone calls and cotton candy breath

Her perfumed wrists and cookie cutter fingernails

She’s pretty I’ll admit with all her beauty hidden deep in her veins

Messed up breathing, we breathe together

Smoking cigars and sucking suckers

I’m too addicted to the sweet stuff

My love life is now all consumed for my Summer

I miss her

But she’s long gone on her drive to the end of forever without me

My pretty pastel now leaving me always on read

And the girl who reminds me of rain left before we could start leaving me godsend loves like food to a starving creature

We’ve gone down hill now

Maybe I’m not made for girls and I should try my luck with boys and all those slim hips and sweet mouths

Big hands on me as we slip and slide between blankets

Maybe I should leave you all behind and write about who I am today

A year later but I still hurt cramping up and crying

I’ve just been dying to hold your hand

  – S.F.403