Messing up

I draw twisted ones and paint empty pictures

I’m a pencil without lead

Keep my steady while I try to stand

Try to catch me when I drop my hands

The paper shys away at my touch

And all my spelling mistakes are noticeable

I’m trying to keep up but the water keeps trying to kill me

It rains wherever I go and I keep missing the hailstorms

Keep me heavy with all my weighted thoughts

I’m so lonely babe

So lonely


So hello. Sorry for the lack of content it’s not that I’ve stopped writing it’s that I’m working on publishing my first book of poetry so I haven’t been posting all my work.

Thanks for those of you who have stuck around it’s been a lil over a year since I’ve started this blog and I’m really proud of it. Thank you to all my followers, I get excited every time I see someone likes my work and I get so happy when I see another follower!


Broken sleeping

It’s a little sad to think about


All the days I spent with you in my mind

So far so far so far

I’m floating down this lonely river

Sorrow, sadness, gloom

Broken thoughts, broken mind

Only in my dreams I’m not broken hearted from you



Sometimes I miss thinking about you, other times I hang my head and cry

Dream me a conscious timeline and charge my battery to full

Think of me in the worst of times but never bring me up in conversation

I’m a stutter on the tip of your tongue and a smile on the corner of your mouth

I’m but a seeker of truth in a house of lies

Praise me because I know you’re watching



Your pretty things spill on the floor like your hair on a pillow.

It’s the nice things you always break.

But not me, I stand up just for you to knock me down.

It’s my favourite pastime.

Sadly I’m not pretty in pink.

Mattresses, blankets, dabbled petals on the forest floor.

Tree tops now for you.

Your lipstick smile.



It’s something I miss to have

Something so far and deep

Far far from my reach

All the left turns I take in a world of rights

All thoughts I take back and puffs of smoke I blow

I miss her like I miss a spring flower covered in snow


Everything I need, everything I want

You’re the only thing I need

The only thing I want

Poor folks with endless pockets

Sad folks with happiness in their eyes

All the things we claim to be

Smiles, laughter and you

Pretty as a daydream

As angry as a nightmare

All the things I say

Have consequences and mistakes