My third eye so open

Spells cast on a dime

Familiar by my side

My soul old as time



We’re too busy crying

Through our minds eye we can see the tears slip down our cheeks as they start to blur our vision

Empty notebook paper stares back empty at us as we cry

Our voice filters out to a whine that we wish we never made but we aren’t one much for respect

It’s not too late to stop but what’s the difference if we never started we’re just a waste of space anyway

The tears don’t stop coming.


Do it for me

It’s through rough patches of grass that flowers grow

The toughest of trees grow in the coldest of places

I will be your stepping stone.

It’s through the light of your alarm clock and the whistling of the wind past your headphones

Over misty hills kids call mountains and the teary eyed girl through a break up kiss

It’s all those happy moments we missed.

Even without all the pretty things in life like the colour of dry paint and natures natural music I’m happy.

Smile babe, I’m laughing.


Her hoop earrings

Over the snow ridged mountains

Falling over the rivering breeze

Through all the rain pellets nobody sees

It’s a nice feeling to have

Her scuffed blue jeans

The safety pins on her jacket

She’s still a pastel aesthetic

Her lollipop moments stain my teeth

All the dance moves she pulls out of her pocket

She still makes me smile

Her make up scars scare me sometimes

Do I hate you?


Do I love you?



Choose babe

Smiling, laughing, all the funny stuff you say

It’s all the things I love

All the the things I hate

You’re so pretty in the head

I think I love you

But I hate you more


The idea is to break and shatter apart

All the things I understand

All the things I don’t

My boots leave rough footprints

My nails grow back stronger

Torn, ripped, cracking, snapping

All the cat things you do

Shifts in the weather and the changing seasons outside

But I stay rooted in place

I will never grow or age I’ll stand waiting on your every word

All the things I like

All the things I don’t

Don’t leave



They ask me what it’s like loving someone who’ll never love me back.

They laugh.

They say someday I’ll find someone.

They say it’ll all work out.

They say it’s not the pretty things I lack or all the words that leave me.

They say I should move on.

They say we’re too star crossed.

They say I shouldn’t bother.

They say so many things to my face.

But I find it’s the things they say when I turn around more worthwhile.

They say I love her.

They say maybe one day she’ll love me back.

They say I’m too good for her.

But they’re wrong.


Swallowing her razors

Wandering wondering if I’ll see her around

Pretty paintbrush lips and paper hands

She makes me wonder how it is to swallow razors

Shaving all the skin away and leaving smears of blood

She’s as nice as a slipping flower

I thought I’d turn my pixie stix life as pink and purple as her bruised tongue

All pastel shades mixed with my ripped jeans